Wellbeing with a view

Pure relaxation among the Dolomites

In our spa you will find everything you need to relax, forget about all that stress, recover your peace of mind and reawaken your energy. Our choice of natural materials – wood, hay and stone – creates a welcoming atmosphere in harmony with the natural environment surrounding Lüch de Costa in Colfosco.
You can try our different saunas, the Turkish bath, the pool with its massive picture windows or pamper yourself with the bubbles of our outdoor Jacuzzi. In between treatments you can rest in our relaxation area. How about a cup of tea or fresh fruit to make you feel the beneficial effects of this environment even more intensely?

Hay Sauna

The hay sauna combines the benefits of the Finnish sauna with the active ingredients and essential oils of the herbs that grow in the meadows of Alta Badia.
Gentler than a traditional sauna thanks to the lower temperature, the hay sauna will give you a feeling of deep cleansing and purification. The combined action of herbs and heat relaxes and brings relief to the body’s muscles and joints, brightens up the skin, helps to eliminate toxins, making the body more resistant to colds and flu.

Hay sauna Lüch de Costa
Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna

The classic Finnish sauna helps the body eliminate toxins, relaxes muscles and brings relief to the body’s joints. The very high temperatures, up to 100°C and the reduced humidity, a maximum of 20-30%, are truly health-giving.
The whole body feels the immediate benefit when sauna sessions alternate with a cold shower. The muscles relax, the skin is cleansed deep down and toxins are eliminated. All stress and tension disappear in this warm embrace.

Infrared Sauna

Relief for both body and mind.
The infrared sauna enables you to enjoy the same benefits as a traditional sauna but with lower temperatures and lower humidity.
The action of the infrared rays raises the body temperature creating an immediate sensation of wellbeing. In an infrared sauna the body rids itself of toxins, contracted muscles relax, the discomfort of arthritis or rheumatism lessens and stress becomes merely a bad memory.

Infrared Sauna